What Happened?

During that devastating week in February 2021, the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) and ERCOT artificially set energy prices at the highest price possible because they thought it would incentivize generators to stay online.

That was a massive mistake!

No new generators came online, lives were lost, and $46 billion dollars ($4,600 per TX household) in erroneous energy costs were created that will soon be passed on to ratepayers. Worse, Texas can correct the error, but has chosen not to.

What Can I Do?

Take 30 seconds to enter your information into the pink form. A secure system called Phone2Action will send an email to your Texas politicians demanding they correct this error, so that energy companies are not unjustly enriched.

Texans Demanding Action

Texans for Fair Energy Billing (TXFEB) is a statewide consumer coalition amplifying the voices of Texans impacted by inflated energy prices by advocating to reprice energy charges from the February 2021 winter storm.

Our Mission

Correct Punitive Energy & Ancillary* Services

Texans should not foot the bill for a state error. TXFEB urges the Texas Legislature to utilize its powers vested in the Texas Utility Code to protect consumers by returning the billions paid in overpriced energy during the 2021 Winter Storm.

Investigate Actions

TXFEB calls on state officials to investigate the overpricing and “Market Power Abuse” during Winter Storm Uri to hold those involved accountable and seek justice for impacted Texans.

* Ancillary services refer to functions that help grid operators maintain a reliable electricity system. Ancillary services maintain the proper flow and direction of electricity, address imbalances between supply and demand, and help the system recover after a power system event.

Share Your Story

TXFEB is amplifying the voices of Texans like you!

If you were impacted by the 2021 Winter Storm, share your story below to convince our elected officials it’s time to value the wellbeing of Texans over Wall Street’s profits.
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Who's on Board

Texans for Fair Energy Billing (TXFEB) is a consumer advocacy alliance made up of business, consumer, industrial, and energy groups. Email advocate@txfeb.com to do the right thing with us.

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